5 Tips for Organizing Your Home and How to Be an Organized Mom

Motherhood can be overwhelming, and the thought of having an organized home while dealing with work seems impossible. But how do you go from an overwhelmed mom to a more organized mom? You might know this already but yes, it all starts with you. Being an organized mom means staying on top of things and planning ahead. It’s an ongoing process that requires focus, creativity, and a defined plan. All those organized homes you see on Pinterest may seem unreal, but there are tips and hacks to stay ahead of your role as a career woman, and most of all, as a mother. We understand how your life can quickly become stressful; no manual, no one giving you a schedule or any guidelines, everything is up to you. However, motherhood is also one of the most fulfilling roles a woman can have. So we gathered up some helpful tips for your journey to becoming a more organized mom!

An organized mom is a healthy mom.

These tips and tricks will simplify your life and will help you stay on top of things:

  1. Carry a notebook.

Write it down, and then prioritize according to your personal goals and schedule. Sure, smartphones have apps for notes or reminders but writing it down on your notebook is more efficient. No fear of your kids accidentally deleting it, and you can write whenever something important comes up especially when you’re using your phone for other tasks like calling someone. An actual notebook for your tasks will rid you of distractions that smartphones have. 

  1. Wake up before the rest of the gang!

One of the biggest secrets of being an organized mom is waking up earlier than the rest of the family. It’s quite easy but probably not in the beginning. But once you get used to it and do it consistently, you’ll start to notice positive changes in your day. Use this time to prepare yourself for the day ahead and do some morning rituals before everybody else wake up.  Mornings will run smoother when you’re already dressed and have had some time to yourself. 

  1. Get the kids into the habit of a morning routine.

With the kids spending time at home more than ever, they will love this idea because they get to decide what time they wake up, and how they want to do their morning tasks. Ask them what they need to do in the morning after they wake up and how long they think they can finish these tasks. Once their timetable is complete, print it and hang it where they can see once they wake up in the morning. They might refer to this schedule for quite some time but once they get used to it, it becomes a habit and you won’t need the chart anymore.

  1. Send an email to yourself.

Another good way to keep you reminded of important stuff that you suddenly remember while you’re out and about is to send yourself an email or you can record yourself talking while the ideas are pouring out of you, and then send that to your email. Also, having a family group chat is a good way to help you organize tasks and if you need things done, you can contact the family through the group chat.

  1. What’s in your bag?

A simple yet excellent way to be organized is to keep different bags ready for different occasions or activities. You can use tote bags for things you usually bring to the beach, a different bag for work, and a “go bag” for when you go grocery shopping or pay some bills. This way you won’t waste any time trying to locate all of these things every time you need them.

  1. Set up a meal plan.

“What’s for dinner?” We know, it’s sometimes the hardest question to answer. But meal planning allows you to plan ahead by writing down favorite meals for each family member. You can then start small and pick meals needed for a week’s worth and make a grocery list with the ingredients for those meals. This will help save time and energy with just one weekly shopping trip.


An organized home needs an organized mom.

As a mom, it is vital to take care of your well-being before you can take care of everybody else who depends on you for so many things. So give yourself some “me” time to recollect if you need to, or even just to appreciate the progress you made by being an organized mom inside and out! As you practice these tips overtime, you will find yourself feeling more put-together and peaceful, especially when you see your home clutter-free and organized just like you. We also gathered some tips for you to organize your home and make it a space that aids relaxation for the whole family.


Tips for a More Organized Home

Clutter causes stress. Our homes are our refuge and we want to be able to feel relaxed and stress-free when we enter our homes. But when you find it in disarray: toys and socks everywhere, dirty laundry in the wrong places, all of this clutter can make you more stressed instead of having a soothing and nurturing home. In Feng Shui terms they call it the “stagnant chi” or in other words too much information for the eyes to process therefore, it causes more mental stress and can drain your energy. These smart easy tricks will let you stay on top of things and with a little help from your kids, an organized home is possible!

1) Organize the “high traffic areas” in the home.

Set up a simple system to make your life easier and start organizing in places where you and your family spend most of your time. Schedule a time to organize each space in the house. You can start decluttering a cabinet in the kitchen or the counters, and put everything in order. Throw away stuff that isn’t useful anymore. Keep everything according to their usage in daily life and storing items in the room where they’re used helps ensure they get put away when you’re done. Usually it’s best to store similar items together. If it’s something you use frequently, make sure the storage place is easy to access.

2) Label. Label. Label.

Have a ‘home’ for all of your belongings and label them. You can use label makers, a simple paper and pen, or customize labels by printing them with fun designs. Make a tidy stack of boxes on your shelves, and a label on the front keeps everything instantly accessible and will help kids put them back where they belong. It also saves time and energy if you don’t have to spend so much time trying to locate things.

3) Designate a “Launchpad”.

 Think of it as a transition-zone between outside and inside — almost like an airlock. This is an area of the house, preferably near the door where coats, shoes, bags, keys, and everything else gets dropped and where it stays when entering the house. Set up a crate, a basket, or a hanging space for each person. So next time someone leaves the house, this is where they can find the usual stuff they’ll bring or wear (for shoes and coats).

4) Put clutter bags in every room.

Set up a clutter bag in every room to help reduce the mess around the house. When you feel that there is extra stuff in every room and it starts to build up, put it in these bags until you sort it out later. Another fun way to get the children involved in organizing the house is to set up a “Last Chance Basket”. At the end of every day put all of their stuff you find laying over the house into the “last chance basket” and let them know that if they choose not to keep them in its proper place or if the basket is not emptied after a week, everything in it will be thrown out or given to charity.

5) Run the dishwasher frequently

Dirty dishes in the kitchen become a bigger mess if they are not immediately taken care of. Practice putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of stacking them on the counters or on the sink. Run the dishwasher once it is full. Kitchen counters are probably one of the spaces that need daily decluttering. Take care of dirty dishes immediately after meals, put away clean dishes, and enjoy a clutter-free kitchen on your next meal time.

Make Your Home More Organized, More Attractive, and More Efficient.

Moms fight a constant battle against clutter. Any time is the right time to organize or re-organize your home. All you need is to choose the best time that suits you, make it an appointment and start small. You can reduce the daily stress you experience by creating and organizing a soothing atmosphere in your home. It can be overwhelming at times but the fact that you’re here reading tips shows that you’ll soon be an organized mom with an organized home!