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Kid's Club

Friendship Pods curated by you!

Omodé (uh-muh-day) offers social and educational activities designed to build friendships among members. Here kids learn to speak second languages, have dance classes with friends and play “who knows you best” with parents! Each class and event is designed to deepen bonds while teaching valuable life skills.

“There's something about childhood friends that you just can't replace.”
-Lisa Whelchel

Family Classes

Experiences for the entire family including game nights, educational events and more! Families from your pod and around the country are treated to curated activities. 

Kids Classes and Events

Our kid’s club is an award winning program where kids engage in social, educational and fun classes for a one of a kind bonding experience. 

Our Moms Club

Meet other moms in your area and around the country to share experiences and advice as we journey through this wild ride-Motherhood. 

Popular Community Events

Bilingual cooking classes, to group outdoor explorations, Mommy morning convos over smoothies, bedtime wind down and more!

Membership Plans Starting at $39.00/mo

From general social classes to targeted mastery classes. Check out your membership options!